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Have you signed up for the last FOCUS Friday session for the...

Manoj Chaurasia

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Have you signed up for the last FOCUS Friday session for the year If not, you still have time.

Join Mark Derwin, Walter Blood and myself for our Seasonal Gems session to learn tips and techniques when using WebFOCUS and Maintain.

This last session is this Friday (12/17/2021) at 11:30am EST to 1:pm EST.

Register here:




TIBCO Software Inc.





FOCUS Fridays Virtual User Group


In the spirit of the season, this time of year we gift yo











Since this is last session of the year we are also planning an After Party via Zoom so we can really connect with you all. The After Party information will be given out during the regular session. Come by just to say hi or let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

Looking forward to seeing everyone and Happy Holidays!


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I used to hand off to those guys too. I remember Stuart leaving and mostly Karen handling things.

I actually was all set to be offered a position working support out of Melbourne alongside Karen. Franz okayd the deal and I was excited to have the chance of living there.

The NY management blocked the idea in the final stages and didnt want to let me go.

Id still really like to get to live there at least for a few months to get a feel for it.

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