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I have a report that uses Date Period filter. This Period ...


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I have a report that uses Date Period filter. This Period is currently default to YTD. My problem is that I display this report on 2 pages: Quotes and Sales. All other reports on the Quotes page default to YTD, and my report works perfectly (displays YTD information). But on the Sales page, all other reports in this page default to Last 12 Months, so even when I select YTD, the reports keeps showing Last 12 Months, and refuses to display YTD!! I imagine if there is a way for the report to know which page is calling it, I might be able to define the default period based on the page calling it. Otherwise I would have to have 2 identical reports, one with YTD as default, and the other with Last 12 Months as default.
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I am a little confused.

In your first post you are stating the oposite of what your are showing in the second post

In post 1 : Sales default to Last12Mths and Quotes default to YTD

In post 2 : Sales default to YTD and Quotes default to Last12Mths

Does your parameters properly assigned and linked in both pages indepandently

Do you have a common filter (page) from where you select and from which both pages should update

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OK. So I learned something new with this issue:


If you have several reports on the same page, default filters with the same name MUST have the same DEFAULT values. If you use different DEFAULT values, there will be problems.

If you need a to set different value as a default, you can use the pages DEFAULT VALUE box, in design mode, select the filter, and on the left hand side, you can set the DEFAULT value.

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