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Hi Everyone, Im hoping someone knows where the internal set...

Warren Hinchliffe

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Hi Waz

Im looking for this. So far, most of the references seem to assume it already exists so I havent found its root location.

I do see ibi using it a lot in ibigbl.js


scriptsHtmlCanvas.push(cgiPath + jquery/js/ + IBI_CACHE_FLUSH_KEY + jquery-ui.custom.min.js);


Not sue that helps you. Just thinking if you could see how ibi uses it, it might help you with your js files.

Ill keep looking for a bit.

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I think I tracked it down.

The flush key is generated from two entries in the manifest of the WebFOCUS jar files.

Build-Number and Build-Timestamp

Part of the start up is to get these values and generate the key, which is embedded into ibigbl.js.


We have just been given the fix for an ib_composer.js error and asked to clear our cache we have thousands of clients across many companies subscribed to what we offer, we cant just ask them to clear their cache.

Sorry, started to rant. Seems to be a function of how old I am.

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Hey Waz

I also found this to be a variable thats internal and we never really see.

FWIW, it does look to me like it might work to stick it in webfocus.cfg though. I suppose you could test this easily by just looking in the event.log - it displays what it things the IBI_CACHE_FLUSH_KEY is at startup.

But - I presume (maybe incorrectly) that tech support just means to clear the cache of your web application server (tomcat/websphere) They know you cant make the users all clear their cache (one would think).

I guess all you can do is test it - load up the untouched ib_composer.js first in a browser, put the new js in and then stop/start your webapp server. if its tomcat, Id go so far as to wipe out the work folder.

I bet theyre thinking youll just press the clear cache button in the admin console. That might work too, but a restart might be a stronger option.

Isnt there something with browsers where they will check the size of the .js and re-download if its different Or do you just get a 302 right away as soon as the filenames match I dont recall right now.

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A quick update:

This is what came back from Support.

Here are the steps:


Add this to Tomcat : -DSafeNewFileFilter.varMode=each-app-server-start

(to Catalina.sh JAVA_OPTS on linux)


example JAVA_OPTS="-Xms1024m -Xmx2048m -Djava.awt.headless=true -DSafeNewFileFilter.varMode=each-app-server-start"



(backup) Change WebFOCUSwebappswebfocusWEB-INFweb.xml near line 120:







Restart TC



This works, but the drawback is that each restart a new flush key is created.

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