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We are looking into trying to add alert messages/notificat...

Warren Hinchliffe

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We are looking into trying to add alert messages/notifications to our portals (legacy bip and designer).

These will be driven from a table by a report. The only thing missing is the delivery mechanism.

We are hoping to have a notification that puts a banner above the portal that can be cleared and the portal then takes up the space. I think its a relatively standard practice these days.

I have seem these pop up when logging into the welcome or home screen for 8207.

Was wondering if anyone has done something like it or knows of ways or calls to do this.

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Im awful at that sort of thing, but I thought it might help if you can find a website that does something similar.

Do you mean like when we hit a website and it pops a window up over their main page asking us to Accept Cookies Then we we say Okay or close it, the page appears normally

Is it kind of like these examples

Website Popup Examples & Templates

Heres a picture of some terminology that might help


image.jpg873458 47.2 KB


I think maybe youre talking about the Overlay idea

Sorry Im dense, but pictures make it way easier for me to understand things.

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