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Hi, Does someone have found where in 8207, without having to...

Martin Yergeau

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Hi Martin

This is 8207.28 (not hotfix on the client) and Im just under the My content area


image.png1381730 64.6 KB


Is this the right kind of portal or are you looking for another sort (this was Collaborative portal)

The 8207 Using WebFOCUS manual says:


image.png792467 58.3 KB


But - in my 8207.28 document folder, I couldnt find any reference to it in my downloaded docs.

Nor did I find the word customizations on Tibcos docs:


image.png1006647 28.3 KB


Not to be defeated by their search engine, I looked for a Using WebFOCUS pdf but nothing there. I did find just the Users Guide:


image.png716628 78 KB


Ive opened a case to ask about getting the website to search the PDFs more accurately.

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lol - well I guess that would explain it! No response yet from support on my case.

They probably dont know who to give the case to.

I have a bunch of releases of the PDFs on my PCs SSD and use Agent Ransack to root through them.

And to @MartinY - I see the same thing you do on the Portals (only Run and Edit)

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