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webfocus ibi_apps.xml has been ignored. cannot login to webf...

Muhammad Asif 3

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Hi Muhummad

Well need some more info.

Windows or Linux

Is this tomcat or some other web application server (websphere etc)

In your web application server logs (like tomcat), do you see any enlightening messages in the stderr or stdout

I doubt youll find much in your webfocus82/logs since it sounds like WF didnt want to start.

Root through your log files a little and if youre still stuck, put up some of the lines that look unusual so we can see them.


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I have seen this before, but I cant remember what I did to fix it.

Can you check the ibi_apps.xml file

The warning below says

09-Sep-2021 14:10:17.472 WARNING [main] org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext.setPath A context path must either be an empty string or start with a / and do not end with a /. The path [/] does not meet these criteria and has been changed to

The file should be in (if its tomcat) /ibi/tomcat/conf/Catalina/localhost

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Hi Muhammad

Your ibitomcatconfCatalinalocalhostibi_apps.xml should look something like mine (I install on the D: instead of C:).


<xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'>

<Context docBase=D:ibiWebFOCUS82webappswebfocus path="/ibi_apps" useHttpOnly=true>



Some sort of good news - /ibi_apps looks like it was found because you get the forms based login page from the client.

Since you got the client to prompt you with the signin page, that means it was found. So - there may be clues in the WebFOCUS82logs folder. Look down there for logs that are recent. Mostly event.log and maybe websecurity.log.

Other questions:



Are you using IIS and just pointing to your machine/ibi_apps or do you use a port number for tomcat like http://machine:8080/ibi_apps



When you did your install, were you doing a fresh installation, or was this an upgrade



Are you installing the individual parts (like the Reporting Server being installed separately from the Client install) or did you use the Integrated Install where all the parts are put on at once



What Im wondering about next is your security setup, but first, lets make sure we understand how youre getting to the client.

Also - the other Warnings you see in your tomcat strderr.log are similar to mine so dont worry about most of those. Again - youre making it to the forms based login, so youre getting further than we think.

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java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Connection to repository DB failed.



Thats the reason youre not logging in. Looks like youre making it to the the webapp (the client via /ibi_apps), but the webapp cant reach the database.

Check your repository connection information in c:ibiwebfocus82config - look in install.cfg and webfocus.cfg to find these variables:





Something is not pointing where youd like for it to be pointing.

The upgrade should have made some backup files that you might be able to copy from - or perhaps you have them around still



what version were you upgrading from



did you make a Super User Look for IBI_ADMIN_NAME and IBI_ADMIN_PASS in those same files.



If WebFOCUS cant reach the repository, its essentially blind to just about everything. Gotta fix that part.

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Hi Muhammad,

I dont see anything obviously wrong there either. The file called webfocus.cfg can override these values potentially. Just make sure the REPOS variables arent overridden.

Do you have SQL Server Management Studio so you can try logging on as the ID you have in IBI_REPOS_DB_USER Make sure the port number is right for SQL Server (the default is 1433 but your DBAs or security people might have suggested a change. If you can log in using that user ID from SQL Server Management Studio, then you know the user ID and port number are good.

In 8105m, if you still have access to the files, the REPOS variables would have been in ibiwebfocus81configwebconfig.xml. We are upgrading from there too, so I can show you the way that looked back then:


image.png924645 31.4 KB


Make sure all those values make sense to you.

Somewhere, the connection is failing to reach the database. The message from event.log reads as if theres a bad character or missing value, but I dont see anything wrong in your install.cfg.

Theres the chance that your SQL Server JDBC driver is not being found. If you look in the tomcat config utility, you would look for the Java Tab and check your classpath. Heres an example:


Its the Classpath that would contain IBI_REPOS_DB_DRIVER=com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver

Normally though, Id expect something more like a Class not found message in your event.log.

Take a look though to make sure everything is pointing where you want.

Youre about at the point that Id like to do a remote session with you but thats more of a TIBCO support thing.

Remember you have confidential info in your logs that you might want to redact (mainly machine names / user IDs etc). That info is helpful to us reading your case right now, but maybe you should edit your post to make some changes to its not accurate or is invisible.

Let me know if you can log on as your IBI_REPOS_DB_USER from SSMS and if these values line up with your old configwebconfig.xml.

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Just that the classpath in tomcat config points to the JDBC driver that you need.

I dont think its going to be the classpath though - I feel like that would give us more of a class not found kind of message. But its worth a look. Tomcat settings might not be considered in the upgrade process.

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