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if I login to PROD environment and then try to login to Demo...

Merin Joseph

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if I login to PROD environment and then try to login to Demo immediately after, the app does nothing and just reloads the page without even sending a request to the DB.

This appears to only happen with using Chrome. I was not able to reproduce in Firefox.

Can someone please help me on this Thanks in Advance

Product version: 8206


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Hi Merin

Thats really odd behavior. I could use some more information.

What are you running as a Demo (like retail demo - client verification) Is it homegrown code that your customer calls Demo Maybe if you put up the URL thats getting called to start up your demo, Ill get understand more.

When you say it didnt send a request to the DB - do you really mean that your request hit the Reporting Server and it didnt make a call to the Database That would be really odd.

Suggest you check using chromes debugger versus Firefox to see what network traffic differences there are. Maybe your Chrome is blocked for some reason via a policy we dont know about. The Network traffic might give you a clue.

Another question - was WebFOCUS working before maybe in an earlier release in Prod

Are Chrome and Firefox being run from the same PC/VM (trying to rule out IP filtering)

Does chrome work okay otherwise to reach other websites

Lets start with that, and then see where you should start looking.

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