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As promised, v28 now allows you to open / edit App Studio ch...

robert fuschetto

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As promised, v28 now allows you to open / edit App Studio chartsort ofmaybe. In our world a given chart is typically rendered off a HOLD file. The HOLD file generation and chart are in a ***SINGLE***procedure. You could not EDIT this procedure in v27. You can EDIT it in v28well, you can now see chart. How, in the GUI do you access the code that builds the HOLD files I see no Procedure Tab etc to get to the GUI HOLD file code.



When we open such a fex, yes the chart now renders for Editing. It runs. HOWEVERif we try to edit the chart in any way (add a header or footer or remove a measure etc) while the chart will still runshould you save your fex and try to reopen you get an error:




The error itself differs from fex to fex but generally references something in the HOLD file.

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