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Hi All When user Logs out from Portal, WF drops the sign on ...

Naeem Sufi 3

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Hi All

When user Logs out from Portal, WF drops the sign on screen for EDASERVER


image.jpg885357 92.8 KB


it confuses users

I followed instructions in the security manual page 150 and I placed the custom url for the sign out


but it does not work , it drops to EDASERVER login and on upper right Menu it drops the user to Public User

How Can I have the users drop back to the Sign In Screen or Just Exist WebFocus when they sign out


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Thanks Martin

Yes I was doing that but I refreshed the server and now its pointing the Login url but it appends the url with wf_target_url=%2Fportal%2FPortals%2FAOD_Portal (name of the Portal User is in )

This issue is only when a user is in the Portal and they click on sign out on the upper right under their name

I want to default to Logon sign in URL


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What I think is weird is that It appears to be going to the reporting server login page and not the client. I dont know if this setting will make a difference but most customers use the setting in the client administration console to set the reporting server to trusted so the users never see the login to the reporting server.


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Thank You Chuck I tried that it just leaves the Portal Page on and does not require a login

I need to have it go back to Login Screen where user signed in

MartinY That URL works but it appends the wf_target_url=%2Fportal%2FPortals%2FAOD_Portal (name of the Portal) at the end causing the error message URL does not work if there is way to not append the wf_target_url=%2Fportal%2FPortals%2FAOD_Portal I think that should work

I did use our Intranet URL and it works but thats not where I want the users to go back I f I leave it blank it needs some input in the Box I added It just spins after you signoff


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