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Hi, We are using the Edge browser - Version 92.0.902.78 (Off...

Phil Zacharias

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We are using the Edge browser - Version 92.0.902.78 (Official build) (64-bit) as the existing browser version.

As our site works well with Internet Explorer 11, But with the New Edge browser, we are given the option of using Native Edge or IE mode within the Edge browser.

We have tested using IE mode using Edge browser and found it working no issue.

But the issue we are facing

We have one site called Peoplesoft site (that uses Native Edge). the user logins in with their credentials After successful login, the site opens with lots of links. On one link is the site that opens/redirects in new tab (IE mode in Edge browser) the webfocus reporting site. The issue comes from the second tab which loops back and forces us to login again.

The first site is in Native Edge

the second site is in IE mode

As per the advice from Microsoft team, we have started the fiddler and found at one point it returns error.


Response Entity Size: 725 bytes.

== FLAGS ==================

BitFlags: [ClientPipeReused, ServerPipeReused, LoadedFromSAZ] 0x218


X-ABORTED-WHEN: SendingResponse





X-PROCESSINFO: iexplore:10384



The fiddler does not show much on what it the issue is.

Has anyone faced this issue before or how to correct this issue.


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Look like you are falling into this situation

From release note :

This release is certified and has been tested with Google Chrome version 92, Firefox version

90, Microsoft Edge Chromium version 92 (WebFOCUS only), Microsoft Edge version 44

(WebFOCUS only), and Internet Explorer 11. Internet Explorer Compatibility mode is not

supported. For additional browser details, see Browser information

Effective April 1, 2021, all new releases of TIBCO WebFOCUS following Release 8207.27.0

will no longer support Internet Explorer 11 as a certified browser.

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