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We have a dashboard with an option to export to Powerpoint. ...

robert fuschetto

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Some things we have noticed. We got it to run by deleting 7 of the 11 columns. when it does run I can see that if I had a few more columns it would indeed spill off the pagebut why

We have other WF reports with 11 columns and somehow it sizes itself to fit. THIS REPORT IS AN FML REPORT! I suspect somehow that is playing into this. I am no FML expert but I sit next to one. However we are not what to do to size things down in FMLanyway any ideas

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So, bottom linesomething odd happens when you use the PP feature with FML. There is no autosizing for one; at least that I can see. I did go into my FML fex and shrunk some stuff down and deleted some columns and I got it to fitbut it looks horriblesomehow the Font chosen in FML is lost and everything presents in Times Roman. Again the HTML page is great but something is going on with PPTX. I can open a case if o one lese has any ideas
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Seems like the sum of total column widths exceeds page width. Auto Fit column may work with HTML but PDF and Powerpoint may be different. one of the customer had same issue with PDF. Try to change the report orientation to landscape and try 11x17 size also reduce margin . once the report rendered with out issue you may try the fixed column width by adjusting the column. ruler may help to check the width.
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My resolution was delete all the formatting from beginning to end in the code and then reform in FML and all of sudden font issue were gone. I was also able to get it to fit better by shrinking some columns.

So there was something in there that messed up the fontsno idea what.

Sadly that seems to be the norm with WF as you upgrade doing things from scratch.

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