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Hi Everyone, Has anyone used PUTCOOKI and GETCOOKI functions...

Warren Hinchliffe

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I quick update on GETCOOKI and PUTCOOKI

GETCOOKI will only work if you set a cookie value in the reporting server node.

PUTCOOKI only replaces the reporting server copy of the cookie.

Below is the steps provided as an example.


Login to the Administration console.

Select, reporting server, remote services, select a node, click modify

Under security object, cookie, enter the name of the cookie you want to read. It needs to be an existing cookie, like IBIWF_language.

Add IBIWF_language, click save, then clear cache.

The above steps, takes an existing client cookie, and makes it available to the reporting server

Make a focexec that can read the cookie, and modify the cookie.

-TYPE STEP1 get cookie.





-TYPE STEP2 put cookie


-* now read the cookie that you just updated.





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Hey @warren.hinchliffe

Let me see if I understand - I think what you were hoping for was a way to cause a cookie to come to life (like SETCOOKI if there were such a thing).

But what you got is a way to Update a cookie (via PUTCOOKI) and a way to retrieve the value.

Think its a good NFR to try to make a SETCOOKI I started looking through what I could find of decompiled code and couldnt find anything hidden that might do that.

Am I understanding that right

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