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So I have my MetaData Essentials 8207 Part II training manua...

robert fuschetto

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So I have my MetaData Essentials 8207 Part II training manualBut8207v27 is very different. I have never done this before. I want to add a new virtua() column the amaster file. Lets call it MYNEWITEM and define it as the literal AAA concatenated to existing column: TYPE when TYPE = 'USA". I figure I need to do a define but cannot figure out how to start. I am guessing from here:


image.png1070908 42.9 KB


How do I start If I right click the master file name I see insert options but no Define

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Im sure the thinking was that a DEFINE usually needs a real field to start with.

I really think the whole Synonym creation process and the (Adapter pages for that matter) could use an overhaul.

Maybe in .28 things might start looking better

I also wondered - you know how in 8207 for the client side, theres a way to invoke WF so it looks like 8206 We could use something like a Legacy page idea for the WFRS console.

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Hey Matt

Thanks for the screenshot. Its an advantage of being able to stay working with newer releases as IBI (TIBCO) sells services. You get used to it when you do it for 40 hours a week.

Lucky for us - we have you around to ask questions of! I appreciate you popping in with answers from the current versions

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