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HELP! I added a new filter/control to my 8207v27 App Studio ...

robert fuschetto

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I added a new filter/control to my 8207v27 App Studio HTML page. To fit I changed several list boxes to dropdown lists and look what happened:


I tried move forward or backwarddid not make a differencewhat is going on!!! Usually the drop down lists are on TOP of whatever is under themwhat happened!!! I have never had this happen before.

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Hi RobertF

Im afraid I havent been using AppStudio in so long that I cant take a guess.

I will suggest that you re-create these prompts from scratch though. Upgrades of HTML Composer seem to often come with issues where the solution is to re-create the page.

If you want to open a case with TIBCO, I suggest you make this a simple to reproduce issue by using the CAR file and just put up one list box and one dropdown list box to illustrate the issue. Thatll help them recreate the problem.

Theyll likely ask you to restart from the beginning to see if the problem happens that way. Once theyve decided that it looks like you hit a problem, the next step is for them to reproduce the issue. Youll save time on getting an answer in your case if you have it really easy for them to duplicate.

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I opened a case. I can not keep creating a new html page every time we chnage something. Ironically this HTML was created recenlty under the version we are on 8207v27. It is behaving erratically. In the end I will need to rebuild it but we will not be satisfied unless IBI can explain why this happens. All our dashoards have the look and feel shownI am not setting any stylesheetsjust altering background colors etc.
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