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Set the stage We have a dashboard. It prompts for six param...

robert fuschetto

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Set the stage

We have a dashboard. It prompts for six parameters and renders a number of charts. Each chart has filters and each fex uses the SAME EXACT parameter names. Thus when the dashboard was built these parameters were auto set up and chained. Lets say one of the parameters is called DEPT. So each chart has a where condition on DEPT. DEPT is column name in the sql table and master file.


We need to add a new chart. The chart will also filter on all 6 parameters however in the new data source the department field is called: DEPARTMENT. When I bring the chart onto the dashboard, WF creates a new parameter: DEPARTMENT.


Obviously we do not want the user prompted for department twice (DEPT and DEPARTMENT)

What can I do


I cannot rename the column in the master file from DEPT to DEPARTMENT. There are too many other things connected to the master file.


Thought: Can I define a column in the master file definition called DEPT and set its value to DEPARTMENT. If so can I then filter on this in my chart filter Will this solve my issue


Is there a simpler waymaybe let WF create a new parameter=DEPARTMENT on the HTML page but somehow set it to the value held in DEPT that is already therethen hide DEPARTMENT so the user does not see it Note these are MULTI SELECTS if it matters. If so, how do I do this


Other ideas

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I think your idea of using a DEFINE in the new master called DEPT thats equal to DEPARTMENT should work.

I dont think you get away with using ALIAS as its highly likely you are hitting a SQL based table and the ALIAS is in use as the column name.

Another thought is to manually edit the Master and change the FIELDNAME to DEPT while leaving the ALIAS =DEPARTMENT. This way, FOCUS will think of the fieldname is DEPT, and when the SQL is generated, itll generate with DEPARTMENT. The DEFINE essentially accomplishes the same thing.

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Thanks TobyI like the idea of the new field. We have never done this. Hopefully I can figure out how to do itI recall it was in training at some part.


Not sure that will workwhen the HTML page was created the control was named: DEPT as this was the name in all the tables to thatpoint. The new table column is named: DEPARTMENT. If it hrow that chart on the HTML page it creates a new control: DEPARTMENT. Then the user is prompted for both DEPT and DEPARTMENT. Unless I am misunderstanding you

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