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Hi everyone, We are upgrading our client and reporting serve...

Warren Hinchliffe

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Hi everyone,

We are upgrading our client and reporting server OS (moving to new servers) and was hoping to get suggestion on the hardware specs for client and reporting server machines. That is CPUs Ram and Disk space.

A case is being opened as well to get TIBCOs recommendations. Past attempts to get this have not given us what we need.

Our setup has the client on a different server to the reporting server. (3 tier architecture)

We get about 60K requests per day (from simple filter calls to longer running reports and charts).

We are expecting to get RedHat 8 or the Oracle equivalent. Apache HTTPD for the client.

Currently thinking is we get:

Client: 4 cores 24GB ram and 120GB Disk (SSD)

Reporting: 8 cores 32GB ram and 150GB Disk (SSD)

The disk includes OS, etc

How does this sound

Any suggestions / recommendations or experiences

BTW, and config suggestions for the reporting server and client would also be welcome. Any techniques on improving the speed and throughput and reduce lags in the requests.

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Hey Warren

I checked with a colleague who runs a large setup similar to yours. RedHat, Apache etc

He said youve got plenty of horsepower there to get started and you might decide to alter it from there.

At his shop, theyve got caster running on a whole separate server due to a huge number of nightly reports they create (depending on the time of month / year, it gets real busy).

Also make sure youve got the GRAPHSRVULR and EXCELSRVURL set to blank to force work over to the reporting server.

If youre using Hyperstage, youll probably need more resources for that machine.

Ive long since forgotten how to work the performance scripts. Essentially youre just making test focexecs and telling the server to run them a bunch of times and then make a change to your config, then run your batch of focexecs again.


image.png1126541 54.2 KB


Does appear to be in the server admin manual:

Stress Testing a Procedure (informationbuilders.com)

No telling how old that link is - I just found it on google.

ATS (Mark Nessons group when I was at ibi) used to be really good at this sort of testing. Since youre premium, maybe your ASM can help you get this started

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