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We created some reports with App studio. We created some Inf...

robert fuschetto

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We created some reports with App studio. We created some InfoAssist charts. We created an HTML dashboard. We next tried an New HTML Documents = PowerPoint and built a Presentation. We are having what I believe are TWO distinct issues.


In DEV and TEST everything works fine. The dashboard renders, you press the button for a PowerPoint presentation and it opens to the table of contents page. Perfect! In PRODfor some reason we get an error as PowerPoint opens stating PowerPoint found an error in Content and Prompting for a Repair that fails.


Back in DEV/TEST we messed around until we found that if we removed any IMAGE files from the presentationsuddenly it opened fine in PROD. So why would WF DEV/TEST PowerPoint recognize IMAGE files but not PROD.


Like I said, once the image files were removed in DEV/TEST and the presentation fex ported to PROD, the presentation now opens fine in PROD. However the table of contents in PROD does not appear. It does appear in DEV/TEST.


Anyone have any ideas or theories as what is going on

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I looked around a little and hit an older thread in Focal Point:

[closed]Opening a Compound PDF or PPT error

In that thread, the author found his EXCELSRVURL needed to be set to be empty for it to work right.

Maybe your setting of EXCELSRVURL is different in prod than it is in Dev

I dont remember what release youre running on. The setting will be in your Client Admin Console under ApplicatioClient Settings in 8207 and on my 8105m machine, its under Client SettingsGeneral.

Let us know if thats it

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oh yea, as an FYIwhen I embed the image in a report that goes on the PP fexall is goodit is JUST when I place an image in the PP fex and run in PROD that there is an issue.

Further, we have multiple instances demonstrating the the table contents never appears in our PROD environment but is ALWAYS their when run in DEV/TEST.

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Let us know if the Excel URL was the ticket.

If that doesnt fix it, well see what else we can find.

Are you always using your same browser on your PC to compare the results between dev/test and prod I presume you are, but where I am right now, I have to use a different VM to reach prod - so the browsers could be set up differently.

If its the same browser, then the difference is in the traffic coming to your machine. Could be internet versus intranet zone issues too. Mime.wfs comparisons would be warranted.

Its good you have a working place to compare with. Somethings different - you just have to narrow down what that might be.

Keep us posted.

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