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Hello I use cloud-based WebFOCUS Enterprise Edition Produc...

Ira Haimowitz 3

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In InfoAssist I created a chart with the ggsales file. I chose Format tab then clicked Other and chose Vertical Dual-Axis Stacked Line. After adding the fields, I clicked one of the lines and changed Series Type to Area.


image.png1344552 50.8 KB


Is that what you are looking for

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image.png904373 25.4 KB


Thank you for your prompt reply. My issue is illustrated inthe figure above, which shows the charet having three metrics and two axes. Two of the series, the line and the area chart, overlap each other, so that you cannot see the tooltips of one vs. the other. I want the right Y axis to scale so this does not happen. My developers say that IBI WebFocus automatically scales. However, I figure there must be a parameter to set to avoid this. It needs to be scalable and repeatable.

Thank you to anyone who can lend advice.

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I doubt there is a parameter to set to avoid overlapping values (maybe the help desk could verify).

You can set the max and min values for the axes, but this is just to set them to specific values (Ref: wfjschart8207.pdf (informationbuilders.com) ). Now you could code these max and values with parameter variables, but it could be very difficult to figure out the values for these parameter variables.

Maybe a split axis could be a workaround, find splitY in same manual referenced above.


image.png853278 11.9 KB

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Hello I use cloud-based

WebFOCUS Enterprise Edition

Product release 8.2

Release ID 8207.17

We are building client-delivery portals with charts that have multiple axes line and area charts.

I cannot paste a picture in this interface (why not) but the idea is like


Question how can we control the axes so that the values do not sit on top of each other

Can someone provide advice on parameters to set

Thank you,

Ira Haimowitz

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