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Situation: Well we are in the middle of an upgrade from 8206...

robert fuschetto

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Well we are in the middle of an upgrade from 8206 to 8207and we found out you lose the ability to edit charts in App Studio so I am trying to rebuild the simplest of charts in Info Assist and I am stuck.

Here is the chart from App Studio:


The chart is simple but I do not recall how I got one aspect to workand again, I cannot edit the chart to see.

Essentially we have 2 measures: ActVisits and BudgVisits. We have columns FiscalYear, FiscalPeriod(01-Jul thru 12-Jun). These items were thrown on a bar chart to create the chart shown above.

NOTE: Notice that each Fiscal Year has its OWN color, FY21 Visits are purple and Fy22 Visits are teal. Also note that FY22 MthlyBudg is red and FY21 Budg is black or clear. Be aware there technically is no FY21 budget at this point in timeit falls to zero but since I made the line black/clear you dont notice it!

I do not recall what chart type I used in App Studio (regular bar) or where I dropped FiscalYear to get the different colors for each Fiscal Year. I do not recall it being an issue though. The trickiest thing I seem to recall was getting the monthly bars to sit against each other with a space between each month.

So I next tried to create this chart in Info Assist. This is as close as I get:


image.png859462 73.2 KB


Start with Visits - the bars:


There are two BLUE bars for each fiscal year! I need them to be different colors!

the two Fiscal year Blue bars should sit against each other by month.


For the life of me I can out figure out how to pull this off. It was simply a matter of dragging and dropping FiscalYear/period in App Studio and setting colors . How do I do this in InfoAssist Was it a stylesheet, a particular type of chart

A similar situation is going on with Budget. where as I had TWO lines rendering in App Studio, here both years are the same color and there is not budget for FY21so you get the mess shown above.

That data is exactly the same in both cases. And know I have no interest in converting my data from: FY, PERIOD, and measures: Visits, MthlyVisits to: FY, PERIOD, and measures: Yr1Visits, Yr2Visits, Y1Budg, Yr2Budg! In other words I do not want to create 4 measures when I only needed two in App Studio.


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well setting this in text mode got me two bars for each FY and 2 lines for budget:


Can someone explain what this doesI just kept entering combination of numbers until I had what is shown belowfurthertell me how to do this in the GUI

It now looks like this:


image.png810460 34 KB


It is better but I still need the two actual bars to be against each other, how does one do thatin the code or GUIpersonally Id prefer the GUI!

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