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I am looking to create a portal page that contains links to ...

Rebecca Owens

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I am looking to create a portal page that contains links to other portal pages. We have multiple portals for our Senior Leaders that I would like to give them one portal that they could go to and it would have the links to the other portals so that I only have to give them one landing page. Has anyone done anything like this We use infoassist and designer as our dev tools. Thanks. Becky Enterprise Analytics Landing Page.pptx (514.7 KB)
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To support this, I did exactly what Waz had identified. I have a number of portals created, so I did the following:


Select + and Assemble Visualizations

Select Blank Template

Under Container I picked Link Tile

Under Settings, for Content - I selected my Portal. I also selected an image for the Background

From here - it is just putting as many portals on this page as you want and then I will create a portal and put this page on it. I havent done that yet, but am hoping I wont run into any issues there.

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