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I am working in App Studio 8207.27. When I run a basic CARS ...

Ben Maxwell

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Hi Ben

This rings a bell but I cant place it exactly. I think my memory is reaching back to an IE problem. Not really Edge or Chrome. That was a mime.wfs setting problem or Windows filetype association back in the day.

What browser are you using here

Lets think about it some. I need to check some a major assumption first:

Are your screenshots taken from the same PC using the same browser in either case. I bet they are the same machine / browser, but need to make sure.

Ill presume they are the same and continue.

One way or another, your content being delivered to your browser must be different. MIME settings come to mind, or security zones could be different.

Suppose the autoprompt screenshot comes from a Reporting Server on machine A and the bottom screenshot comes from a machine B where the client is installed.

On the top screenshot, are you running from the Reporting Server Or just from the clients resource tree in either case

Does the protocol happen to be different (http versus https) in your screenshots

Lastly, I know his might be a stretch, but if you have a product like Fiddler to capture your HTTP traffic, youd probably see how the content is different.

Somehow or another, the data being sent back to your browser is different - either its origin is different or the content is different.

There was a lot of talk about the lack of an Open option in Edge last year but theyve fixed that. And - since you see the Open option in your top screenshot, I dont think thats your issue.

Post your browser and where you are running the 2 example screenshots (same machine, same protocol) and well see what to look at next.

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Hi Toby - When I ran it in Chrome, voila no issue with getting the Open option.

My screenshots were all from IE, and they were done within App Studio.

I guess the good news is at some point IE will no longer be supported, and I will be forced to use Chrome or Edge; but those browsers will pose other issues along the way.

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Good deal if you can use Chrome/Edge.

You could try running it both ways (autoprompt or HTML) from the normal web interface instead of app studio. I would think youd get more consistent behavior from IE that way. Might be some App Studio magic thats making the IE zones be confused.

Glad you have a handle on it.

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I am working in App Studio 8207.27.

When I run a basic CARS procedure which allows the user the option for HTML or Excel I see this -


Notice an option to Open, or Save


When I bring this procedure into a HTML page -


Notice how there is only and option to Save, and the Open option isnt available


Is there anything I am missing in the HTML page which is preventing the Open option to appear

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