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Hello All I have a situation where one of the folder under ...

Naeem Sufi 3

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Hello All

I have a situation where one of the folder under the Portals gives this warning error Change in rule would cause user to lose control WFIRS:1230 when I change the BIPView Role from PERMITTED to Clear Inheritance, also it does not change the setting when I change to Clear Inheritance, or Denied or Not Set It has PERMITTED , I need to change it to Clear Inheritance It only accepts Permitted and Over Permitted

For this folder change to Clear Inheritance works for all Groups , only the error shows up for one of the Group .

All users can have access to this portal but BIPView access to Subfolders(Pages) within this portal is provided based on the Groups

If any one here had this issue , would appreciate you can share , what causes tis error and how you resolved this issue

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I have seen this as well.

What I have found is that the user you are logged in as will lose control if the rule is implemented.

What I have done to fix this is to apply another rule that is more specific that overrides the more generic rule.

This has usually been done by applying the specific rule at a Security group or sub-group level.


Setting EVERYONE to BIPView Role to Denied means I will lose control as I am part of EVERYONE.

But applying BIPView Role to permit for the group I belong to, then applying the rule to EVERYONE means the more specific rule overrides the less specific rule. I keep control and others get the rule applied.

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