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I have a chart where I am showing data for the past 13 month...

Doug Parkhurst

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Definition of but I dont want to show data for the current quarter until it is complete may affect the answer to your question.

Does a quarter is automatically completed once we move to first day of the fallowing month or is there any internal/business process that tells you that the quarter is now completed

Are you using calendar quarter (Q1 = Jan+Feb+Mar, Q2 = Apr+May+Jun, ) or internal/Cie quarter that differ from calendar quarters

Which tool/version are you using to build your chart : AS, IA, Designer

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I am not sure how you are ending up with 13 months when you do display per quarter and only completed quarters.

Assuming that you may include 4 quarters it is 12 months and 5 quarters its 15 months of data

Now, it may not be the only solution, but here an option.

1- You need to determine current quarter and Year

2- You need to determine the transaction year and quarter from the data source transaction date

Then here a sample that you will need to adapt for your file and situation. In this sample that includes future transactions which I assume you dont have. Otherwise you will have to adjust to remove them.


CurYr /YY = &DATEYY;

CurQtr /QTR = &YYMD;






BY CurYr

BY CurQtr

BY TrsYr

BY TrsQtr

BY TrsYrMth

WHERE (TrsYr EQ CurYr AND TrsQtr LT CurQtr)

OR (TrsYr GE (CurYr - 1) AND TrsYr LE CurYr AND TrsQtr GE CurQtr AND TIME_DATE LT &YYMD);


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In InfoAssist I see you can create a filter based on Beginning of Quarter.

I tried it setting my date to strictly less than Beginning of Quarter. When I ran the report, all of the current quarters dates were removed from the output.


image.png869713 25.6 KB


This is the code that InfoAssist generated to accomplish this:


. . .


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