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Whats it take to have a stand-alone chart (not in a portal ...

Douglas Lee 2

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Hello Douglas,

you have a variety of options when it comes to parameterization of individual reports and charts, depending on how you intend to make these available to users.

Absolutely, in a Portal environment, using the WebFOCUS Page Designer is likely your best choice, especially when thinking that a single chart may not all you want to show.

If you have a selection of multiple charts on the screen and have specific filters that are only applicable to one of the visuals, e.g. you have 4 panels and only 1 is the chart above, COUNTRY and CAR are not filters of the other charts, the best is to use a Panel Group container as a basis to keep parameters and chart output correlated.


image.png19201080 253 KB


Then you can add your chart + the specific parameters inside this Panel group.


image.png19201080 273 KB


If you want to solely run the chart by itself, and you have users with InfoAssist / Designer licenses, you are also able to take advantage of the WebFOCUS Run with Insights feature.

Enabled either in InfoAssist or Designer,


image.png19201080 304 KB


it will run the chart but in addition give you a context menu for users to make changes to a report when they click an icon on the top right of the chart (if displayed inside a page) or with the menus shown directly


image.png19201080 183 KB


Clicking on the filter will give you the filters, but as you can see on the screen there is so much more a user is able to change.

Another option of course, if you dont have access to the newer Designer features, is to use App Studios HTML Composer to build out the web pages similar to the steps described above.

Last but not least, maybe not what you want but what is always available, is the Chart / Report Autoprompt feature, if you do not want to control the layout of the parameter prompting, and are just looking for a quick way to display.

Please let me know if you need more information

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This will need to be embedded into another, already existing, app. And, unfortunately, that cannot use a Page as built in Designer.

My Next Thought Is Build the Chart as the target of a drilldown from a report which mimics the legend. Both the chart and report will be held as HTMTABLE to be used in the HTMLFORM Details to follow

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Whats it take to have a stand-alone chart (not in a portal or page), which has Optional Multi-Select Filters, to display when initially opened Or does this need to be done in a Page

I want it to initially display with the selected values and present the filters after the display. But, if a Page is required, I can go with that, as the following sample shows:


image.png851375 12.9 KB

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