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Id like to change the text color of the drill downs from th...

Casey Green

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That is the weirdest thing. Adding that turns the anchor text white when editing in the Designer, but once I run the report or put it in a Visualization page it reverts back to the classic blue. That would lead me to think its being overwritten at some point during execution
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Release ID 8207.21

I made the css changes directly to the .css document outside of the designer. When I manually run the report file it still displays the blue anchor text, however when I right-click and edit the file (opening a Designer window editing the report) the anchor text displays white. Just a guess, but something must be overriding the coloring elsewhere in the the .sty or the same .css file maybe.

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Id like to change the text color of the drill downs from the normal blue/dark blue to a lighter color (white prefereably), as our companys theme uses a lot of dark backgrounds. None of the normal text styling options seem to affect the text of columns with an active drill down (which I assume is just a hyperlink). Ive looked into it a little and the answer seems to be by making the change in CSS by modifying the color of the anchor tag. I know we can do in-line CSS styling, but the rest of the team would like use this format as well so Id like to apply it to our prebuilt style sheets. Applying the SET CSSURL tag in my .focexe file gives me parsing errors and just dropping a { color: white; } into the .css file associated with the theme doesnt seem to have any effect. Has anyone had success formatting these colors Am I missing a link between the .sty sheets and .css
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