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When using a search control, something odd is happening, wha...

robert fuschetto

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When using a search control, something odd is happening, what setting or property fixes this

When the search finds something it returns it.

Run the particular HTML Form:


*Even though it says 1-50 of 235that is not correct, all items appear in the drop downI opened another thread on this! FYI-the Add Search / Paging Control was added and Match turned to: NO and Instant Search turned to : Yes.

Enter something to search for that exists, it finds it:


When I enter something THAT DOES NOT EXIST, it is messed up!

In this example I know there is NOTHING with heck in the description of any of our Bill Areas as of today:


Note it preselected 30053.

Nearest I can figure is that it selected that because it was the first entry it found that had he in the stringlike it could not find heck so the best it could do was flag something close Anywaythis needs to goit should retun: No Machting Value or similar. Is there setting or property to set this We are on App Studio 8206 migrating to 8207

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