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Hi, I have a question about the filter differences between c...

Brendan Yano

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Hi, I have a question about the filter differences between converting a .fex to a page vs assembling a page.

There are a few differences we have noticed(ie one lets you keep the report as AHTML and one doesnt), but the one I am dealing with right now is we he have a month field that is numeric (1, 2,3-12) of course when you add this as a filter it tries to do it as a Sum or range etc. So the first thing we did was create a defined field(DEF_MONTH) that converts the month to a character value by simply using the TO_CHAR method.

When I add the DEF_MONTH to the .fex report it actually sorts the filter list 1-2-12 like we would like.

If I convert the report to a page it still sorts it 1-12. However, if I use the assemble visualization option and add the .fex to the page now the DEF_MONTH filter is sorting 1,10,11,12,2-9). For various reasons I need to use the Assemble Visualization option, but would like it to keep the same sort/display order that the .fex report has.

monthsort_convertpage.PNG755683 21.4 KB


monthsort_fex.PNG801627 22.8 KB


testmonth_assembledpage.PNG748612 24.8 KB

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I should add for this specific issue with the month filter a simple fix is to change the function when we convert the numeric month to a character field from TO_CHAR(Month) to an IF, ELSE IF function that specifically sets 1 = '01 and so forth. However this method might not always be practical and am still hoping someone can shed some light on why the behave differently between converting to a page and assembling a page.


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