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For anyone else who watched the webinar today Ask Me Anythi...

Toby Mills

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For anyone else who watched the webinar today Ask Me Anything , Dan O pointed out a pdf on techsupport that talks about the new licensing model.

Product Packaging Quick Reference

It wasnt very clear where this doc was located by searching for it, but re-watching the webinar, I could see that link in his browser.

Essentially, the way it sounds like it works is:



The new copies of WebFOCUS will allow you to try out just about all the features WebFOCUS offers.



If you like some of the features, you Still need to pay for a license that allows of you to run those features in an unlimited way.



Feel free to add any corrrections.

While Im at it, does it make sense for us to add a Category to myibi entitled Webinars (or something similar) where we can discuss a particular webinar we just watched on that day

Just a thought

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I think the thing that production sites will have to look at is their end-user roles will have things enabled that used to be forbidden by the license key. For example, if you had not purchased report caster before, there was no schedule option on the menu for advanced users (but schedule is in the DomainAdvancedUser role that is shipped). If you simply upgrade, now there will be a Schedule option. So when you stand up the new version in test, youll need to check what is now being exposed and then decide what to do with your roles.
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Ive got an interesting thing to look into. Ive got 8207 running on a new VM (windows 2019) with 2 cpus. Each CPU has 1 core.

Our license allows for 2 cores.

But - in edaprint.log, I see a message saying that the WFRS thinks were running too many cores.

Im going to call our branch folks to ask about this.

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