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Hello, I am building a report that uses row totals to calcul...

Casey Green

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Hello, I am building a report that uses row totals to calculate an average value for the row. Usually when calculating percent or averages in a COLUMN total, Ill select the Recalculate totals option (so that it doesnt simply add the percent values together). This doesnt seem to be an option when adding row totals. Does anyone know of a way to have the row totals recalculate in the same way that column totals can recalculate Thank you!
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Sorry, I should have specified Im using WebFocus Designer. I have the ON TABLE RECOMPUTE in my text file and is correctly recalculating column totals. When I include the ACROSS fieldname RECOMPUTE, and run the table it returns an error. Does the ACROSS line apply just to the field SEATS in your example Would I need to include this line after every row I want recalculated
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To have RECOMPUTE working, you need a COMPUTE which you dont

The only COMPUTE that you have is just the display of an existing field in the source table.

So basically its not a COMPUTEd field since you do not perform any calculation for AVE_SPEND.

As per my sample I do perform calculation. And RECOMPUTE just tell FOCUS to re-apply the calculation at the total instead of performing a column/row total

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