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Im looking to have a calendar field default to 14 days ago....

John Edwards 2

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Hi John

I think youre talking about datepicker.jsp. Its been a while since I used that.

Heres something that might help:

jquery ui - How to set a default month for datepicker when unselecting all dates - Stack Overflow

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Hi John

I dont really know since I do so much admin work lately.

Were using datepicker at my current site, so thats what popped in my mind. But - we also have a strong javascript guy that wrote those screens.

The other folks here will undoubtedly have a better answer for you.

What release are you on

A quick look around yielded this - maybe itll be helpful for you

Setting Dynamic Default Values for Filter Controls


One of our good front-end myibi members will be able to help.


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The basic idea is that in Designer, the properties for a control has a Default value entry. You put in a global variable for the default value, for example, &&Date14.

This global variable needs to have its value established before the Designer page runs.

-SET &&Date14 = AYMD(&DATEH8, -14, 'I8YYMD');


This could be done in the global server profile (edasprof.prf). Or it could be done in a fex you designate to run on user sign-in:

Administration Console / Application Settings / Other / Paths to be executed on user Sign-on

and enter the path to the fex, IBFS:/WFC/Repository/ .

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Oh wow. I was just about to write JavaScript and load it that way. Youre saying I can put an amper-variable into the default value field . . . wouldnt have guessed that would work.

This unit is called from an MRE stub, so I can just put it there. Thanks for the tip.

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Thanks anyway, but I wrote JavaScript. Its done. I just load straight into the innerHTML.

Generally a roll my own for UI, so I cant keep up with the difference between Canvas and Designer. Last I knew it was Composer. IB likes to change the name of things every year, heres hoping Tibco puts an end to that bad habit.

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Your .htm file created in HTML Canvas will need to be called from a fex using the -HTMLFORM command. (You will call this fex instead of the .htm file.)

For example if your .htm was named days_ago.htm then the fex would have:



-HTMLFORM IBFS:/WFC/Repository/Public/days_ago.htm


In the .htm you reference the variable as !IBI.AMP.FOURTEEN_DAYS_AGO;


I tested this in 8.2.06:

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Oh man, I should have thought of that. I use !ibi references all over the place, should have twigged on to needing to do that in this setting as well. Ill give that a shot just to prove the concept, but I have the js code in production already.

Thanks for the tutorial. If myibi is anything like Focal Point, Ill be searching for a solution to this same problem five years from now. Ill be sure to thank you again when that happens.

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That all sounds good However, can the Default for a Calendar control be set entirely from within Designer 8207 Case in point:


An Old File is used as a source which only has data, and date fields, for 2014-2016.

The report Filter is set for the Date Selected from the Calendar.

The report is Sorted by Highest 7 dates.

The Calendar Control needs to have its Default set to Dec 31 2016, not the current date.

** Or, set to the MAX Date in the Source File.

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