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I learned a new thing today that I thought Id pass along fo...

Toby Mills

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I learned a new thing today that I thought Id pass along for those of you having to mess with your server configuration.

This is on wf 8207.26.

Im working on a lot of changes to group profiles and privileges and Data Services. As I get ready to try a new thing, Ive been taking a savediag to capture my environment.

But heres a cool new feature (to me anyway). Get on the WFRS Web Console and Workspace as if you were going to think about killing some agents Go down to Configuration Files and Right Click:


Click the New Backup:


Click Okay


Cool right These are located in a backup folder under ibisrv82backup


That way youve got everything backed up (for me, it was useful getting my *.prf files backed up).

Then you could play around with whatever you want, and make another backup if you want.

Next, you can restore them by Right Click on Configuration Files and choose Manage Backups:


When you see the list of your backups, you can right click and choose Restore:


Pretty convenient if youre in the mode Im in of trying a lot of different configurations.

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Well, I guess what wed do for an automated backup is to use the edastart.bat (or .sh for you)


image.png926394 49.7 KB


Looks like it uses a datetime name for the files, so we could just make a scheduld task (or cron job) to do this.

I like the idea. I might set that up to make a copy for me once a week and I could pick up up to zip it in the same shell script.

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