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It looks like there is no easy way to do x Times a day in ...

steve hodos

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It looks like there is no easy way to do x Times a day in a ReportCaster schedule- is that right Unlike "four days a week when I can just select Mon/Tue/Fri/Sun, for x times a day I have to select the start time, and then the Repeat schedule every option, and set a uniform duration, and an end time: is that correct

I can only imagine that running a report at 8 and 11 AM, 1, 5 and 10 PM would likely take even more steps, is that also correct

Or (hopefully) am I missing something easier


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Hello Steve,

We have that scenario, and just duplicate the schedule with the additional runtimes. I imagine you could use repeat for the ones that are in multiples of time, for for the ones that odd out multiplying the time interval, just duplicating the schedule isnt bad.

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Thats not a bad NFR Steve. Couldnt hurt to float the idea out there to the product guys.

On my iPhone, I just looked to see how Apple does this with Reminders. They let you choose a custom repeat schedule by asking what unit of measure to repeat based off of (like Hourly or Daily) and then it gives you the interval to say like 'my reminder is set for Hourly, and my repeat interval is 3 hours). So Hourly, every 3 hours. Im butchering what should be easy to say

Heres an example I found showing Daily - but every 2 Days


image.jpg1148673 106 KB


For now, duplicating your schedule is the best bet and just name each one a little differently like - morning, noon, afternoon and night

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