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Is there a way to set permissions on a report so only the cr...

Nicholas Boyer

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If you create it in your My Content area and share it with others they can edit it but the changes they make will be saved into their My Content area if they have advanced user capability. They can not modify your version of it. Not sure if that will meet your requirements or not but it is an option.

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Hi Nicholas

The Rules controlling who can do what to your focexec have to a few parts.

Where, Who and What

Where (Location):

The fully qualified path where your report is located.

Who (Groups or Users):

Users or preferably Groups

What (Roles - Privs):

What can people in the Who group do to items in this Location (The Where) This is the priviledges which are grouped together into Roles.

Knowing this, you might decide to make yourself another folder under the same Workspace thats only available to you to update.

In general, its always better to add on privileges as you go down the resource tree. Taking them away - by removing peoples permission to a given item - leads to a messy implementation. Try to avoid having to create Deny rules.

So rather than block them, can you move it down a folder that only you and other developers you trust have Or you can maintain the real version of the report in your my content (or just dont publish). Then you make a copy of it to put out for people to see.

Hope that helps.

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