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With WebFocus 8207, Im running into a problem where paramet...

Scott Zak 3

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With WebFocus 8207, Im running into a problem where parameters Im selecting using portal controls are not getting passed to the underlying procedure when the submit button is clicked. The underlying code runs with default parameters.

The problems were introduced when I used the portal designer to duplicate a working page in my development environment to test some changes. After duplicating the page, both the source and the copy fail to pass selected parameters. Deleting the copy didnt fix the issue on the source.

When I compare the control configurations to a working version in production they look identical to me.

I havent worked very much with the portal features. Can anyone give me some hints on where I should be looking

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Hi Scott, this sounds similar to an issue I faced. Can you confirm that if you click the refresh button on the portal after the portal controls have loaded, does the portal content update to display the correct filters

You could place a fex file on the poral page with the attached code. This will give you a list of parameter values.

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Hi Brian,

Thanks for responding. Portal is loading correct values in controls. These values are loaded from fexes. Once the portals are run, the control selections are ignored.

I used your snippet to print out paramaters profile parameters were available, but selections from the page were not. Just disappeared/were not passed.

Im editing the HTML page in AppStudio using the htmlcanvas tool.

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That didnt take long. So once it was clear that parameters werent being passed, I checked into the parameter settings and found that they were no longer being applied to the procedures at runtime all the checkboxes had become unchecked. This must have occurred at some point while cloning the portal pages. I think Im on my way.

Thank you Brian and Waz for helping me kick loose the rocks.


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