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In WebFocus 8.206 I am trying to incorporate drilldowns into...

Ben Maxwell

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In WebFocus 8.206 I am trying to incorporate drilldowns into some graphs.

Graph 1 - Set at the Company Level


Graph 1 will drilldown to graph 2, and Graph 2 will be at the Division Level.


My challenge is between Graph 2 and Graph 3. I want to pass both the Company and Division Parameters into Graph 3, which will be at the Rollup Level. When I try to do a drilldown it wont let me pass the Company Parameter because it isnt part of graph. Is there a way around this

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When I tried add the Company Parameter, my drilldown resulted in no output. Maybe someone will spot something wrong with the below :



Division Level Procedure (will drilldown into Rollup)


COMPANY now added to the Tooltip





- Drilldown into Rollup ( now able to add both Company and Division)





Rollup Level Procedure


Filter accounts for Company and Division

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If you are going to be showing the same chart with the same measures the easiest approach would be to create the hierarchy in the metadata and use the AutoDrill in the ribbon bar to turn it on. The nice thing about doing it this way, it also provides breadcrumbs for navigation. If you are drilling to a different report all together, Division should be set as a simple parameter in the 2nd chart. Hopefully this helps.
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DId you added the filter to Rollup Level Procedure first as this will allow you to see it in "Division Level Procedure " drill dialogue

Did you checked the Drill URL to see what parameter is send

And actually if the second chart is supposed to be an exact copy of the first chart you can use Matts suggestion with autodrill.

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When I tried the tips, I got to the point where the results are now indicating there is No Output (which shouldnt be the case).

Heres a mapping of my 3 fexes I am using for these graphs :


By adding Company to the tooltip in Fex #2, it at least allowed me to add the parameter to the drilldown. Now my Company field came from the Measures.Properties section, can that cause any issues

A little more info on the Filters

fex 1 : Market = dynamic

fex 2 : Company = dynamic

fex 3 : Company = dynamic AND Division = dynamic

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Hi Ben

I dont know for sure where youre going wrong, but if it were me, Id retreat to doing this set of reports as HTML pages so you can see your data and the way they interact.

When Im building graphs, I usually start out just making sure my data looks good in reports. For you - you could add in that you want your data to look good AND you want your drill downs to pass all the appropriate parameters.

If thats working, then your graphs should work. At least youll be able to see one thing working and one thing not.

Just a thought.

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Definitely having some struggles on this one. I was able to successfully pass the parameters with regular procedures, but when I try to apply to the charts I must be missing something.

As for the autodrill - that is a good thought, but in most cases I generate a hold file which doesnt have a hierarchy built into it.

Lets see if someone can glean a little bit more off of these screenshots :

Graph # 1


Drilldown # 1


Graph # 2


Drilldown #2


Graph # 3


image.png338577 22.1 KB

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