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Hi community, When using &&KILL_RPC to stopped a RC ...

Martin Yergeau

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Hi community,

When using &&KILL_RPC to stopped a RC schedule, the schedules status become FAILURE (LASTEXSTATUS is set to FAILURE by RC).

From a pre-procedure, I have to test some conditions to decide if the task must run or not.

If not, then I set &&KILL_RPC to Y to stop the execution.

But the problem is that the schedule Last Job Status become Error (BOTSCHED.LASTEXSTATUS = FAILURE).

I know about Alerts, but in this case, seems to be too complex to use Alerts because the conditions are determined by common fex that use parameters passed by the schedule itself.

Is there another way to stopped the schedule (such as using &&KILL_RPC) but without a FAILURE status

I could probably be able to use Alerts, but since all has already been done using &&KILL_RPC, I didnt want to reinvent the wheel.


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technically thats correct - the pre-process killed the schedule so the scheduled task failed. However, I would have thought that someone in programming would have thought this through and set an alternate flag, something like killed or aborted. Id report it and ask them to come up with a new status
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