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Does anyone have any way to enable and disable a filter with...

Ashley Leggore

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Does anyone have any way to enable and disable a filter within Page Designer I have a report that has a filter of Monthly, Daily, or Weekly. However, when the user picks monthly, we dont want them to have the capability to adjust the date filter. I was looking into the possibility of using JavaScript but that is very unfamiliar territory for me so everything Ive found on the web so far, has not helped. Thanks!
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You can use Javascript, and you could add an onchange (think it works) event to the period selector and do something to the date filter. I know Im a bit vague, there are areas I am not sure you can adjust.

I would hope the date filter is optional, and clear the contents perhaps.

You may need to contact TechSupport on this one.

Here is a link to the javascript documentation. https://kb.informationbuilders.com/topic/designer-javascript-api-classes-8207

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