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I was experimenting with the InfoAssist subquery. My though...

Todd Van Valkenburg

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I was experimenting with the InfoAssist subquery. My thought is that I could create some permanent reusable hold files that could either be rebuilt periodically or saved as SQL. The subquery could be used to either include or not include records based on a match. There are other ways of handling this like using DB_LOOKUP and/or table joins but I wanted to get to know the subquery and how it worked. I see that it generates the DB_INFILE function in the WHERE statement.

I keep getting an error when I use my previously created binary hold file in a new report by creating a subquery. The error that I see is:


I recreated this using a simple example with the CAR table. The hold table created by

TABLE FILE ibisamp/car

BY CAR.SPECS.MPG AS (mpg_target, CAR.SPECS.MPG, mpg_target )



Then I go about creating a new report with CAR as the source. I will only include records where mpg is 18 using this hold file. I create a WHERE subquery filter.



At which point I get the error message.


So, I guess I am missing something. When I look at the code source, it does not even have the DB_INFILE so it must error out before saving this subquery.

So any pointers with using the InfoAssist subquery



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