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Hello All For those who Upgraded to 8.2.7 (not new Install) ...

Naeem Sufi 3

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Hello All

For those who Upgraded to 8.2.7 (not new Install) , Did you see the reports in ReportCaster Library that were in 8.1.5 Repository

I did the upgrade I see everything in the repository including folders for the Reports in Library but when I click on the Report itself and instead of reports I see this message

Sorry, we could not retrieve this report!

Here is a process I followed



I had our 8.1.5M Repository Copied over to our Sandbox environment



I installed WebFocus 8.2.7 over on the Sandbox environment



I had wf 8.2.7 Install process Updated the existing WebFocus 8.1.5M Repository to 8.2.7 Repository



Upgrade of existing WebFocus was done hoping it will Upgrade the 8.1.5 Repository including the Report Caster Library Reports



after Upgrading found the repository as it was in the old version with all the folders and fex and other objects



Looked in the RC Library and found the folders etc. with Shared folder



Discovered that when you click on the versions of the Report , do not see any report instead the error message Sorry, we could not retrieve this report!



I checked the same report exists in 8.1.5M ReportCaster Library



if anyone experienced the same issue , would be interested to know what was done to resolve this issue


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Hi Naeem

Do you have a backup of your repository when it was still 8105m Theoretically, the content should have come over.

If you have a backup that you can restore to a new name, I think you could manually edit the dbupdatedb_inplace_update.bat to change JPA_LOG_LEVEL from OFF to something like FINE)

This time, after you revert your repository to 8105m, maybe running db_inplace_update will tell you more about whats happening.

I checked with a friend who says it should have brought your content.

Also you might look to see if there are any clues in your install logs. Those are under your C:usersyouruserid. You should have several there from your install. They tell you a lot about whats happening during the installation. Wonder if you have any clues already sitting in there

Let us know what happened. Were doing the same upgrade, but thankfully nobody needs the few library reports that are out here to stay there.


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Toby Thank you for getting back Yes the initial thought was some how the repository was not ported over completely like missing some bot tables etc But I investigated the repository it was there in full

further research with IbI support help discovered that the Security settings were not upgraded from 8.1.5M Security panel of the Admin Console is completely different and it has its own issue like when I pick Security Tab. after waiting for some time , the page gets unresponsive throws that Wait / Exit Pages message I cleared the cache it then it comes up but sometimes It does not come up so not sure whats going on with this issue few times I was able to get to Security Tab and was able to update Security then I was able to see the reports in the Library I had added a link on my Portal for Library and it works I can see the reports and access the actual reports but there is access to Report Caster Explorer under the Tools Menu It takes you to the Library Folder Structure but then it does not bring any versions so I have IBI Support looking into this Is there a way to remove this option (Report Caster Explorer) from the Tools Menu


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In the security center under the roles there is a checkbox to allow display ReportCaster Explorer under the schedluling and distritubion folder. You will probably have to update multiple roles depending on which ones you use. My example below is for the DomainAdvancedUser


image.png1269799 82.6 KB

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Hi Naeem

That sounds like something bigger than just the caster parts not working (the hanging Security Tab). The install logs might tell you something.

My gut reaction on hearing your problems is that you might want to just start all over. Something feels quite wrong with the webapp.

Is starting over a possibility

Look at your install logs under the user ID you used to do your install. See if you see something that just seems wrong. It does a pretty good job of showing you what its doing as the installer is running. There might be a good clue in there.

I cant remember if youve got premium support Generally speaking, the folks working in premium may have more experience than some of the basic support area. Also if youre premium, IBI should have a repro of your environment on a machine there in NY. They might be able to work more directly on the upgrade for you.

Lastly, maybe this starts being worth calling in IBI professional services to work with you on it They have people who do installs / upgrades fairly regularly.

Keep us posted. If youd like a second set of eyes on your install files, you can ping me via PM and Ill get you my email address. Id be happy to help if I can.

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Thank you Toby and Chuck . Yes hanging Security tab is a different issue .

When I was building Portal for our existing reports to show, I added a link on the Left panel called Report Library It works and shows the Report Caster Explorer, user points to the folder where we have the reports stored , it shows the reports here is that url http://wfserver:8080/ibi_apps/rcex.rcappPreferenceId=libraryGroup But when user or even myself (Admin) click on the the Menu -> Tools option and click on ReportCaster Explorer , it shows the folders structure but when you click on the folder that has the reports , it does not show the PDF reports and the indicator on the bottom panel shows Done

Unfortunately we dont have premium support but I am working with the regular support and hopefully we will get this issue resolved . They had the programmers look into this issue and they noticed 1. dserver.xml was missing in db; 2. ReadAllQuery(name=IBSSResourceDB.getResourcesById : The incoming request has too many parameters.;

I am busy with remediation project and would prefer not to have to re-install web focus 8.2.7. I will look into the installation logs and see what I find there , Appreciate your help and Yes I will keep you posted here Thanks

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