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Does anyone know a way to set up some type of notification f...

Ashley Leggore

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Does anyone know a way to set up some type of notification for failure to run reports within a portal For example, we have a portal that our executives can run to look at several reports within different tabs. If for any reason they dont run and an error message pops up, we may not be aware until someone brings it to our attention. Is there an way to set up an email notification/alert for this

I believe there is a way to do this with the scheduler but we are not currently using that for anything within this portal page.

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This is completly untested because I dont have a smtp mail server I can set up on the reporting server but in theory this should work.

On the reporting server console under the Settings menu choose Workspace SET then SMTP Server settings and set it up and test it.


image.png1039729 70.1 KB


Then at the bottom of your fex(s) add the following code.



EX EDAMAIL cwolff@tibco.com , Testing EDAMAIL , , this is the body of the email



You may want to test for specific &FOCERRNUMs instead of EQ 0 but at least you can test it to see if it works. You would have to add this code to each fex you want to screen this for.

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