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In App Studio it used to be quite easy to create a button on...

Ben Maxwell

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In App Studio it used to be quite easy to create a button on a form, and then point to another fex or HTML page to open upon clicking the button. In many instances I would create several buttons on a single HTML page to reference several different HTML pages.

Im trying to do something similar in Designer Studio 8.206, and I am having difficulties. Can this be done easily in 8.206, is this easier in 8.207, or is this simply much more complex than it was in App Studio

In App Studio my steps were :


Create a new HTML

Add a button to the page



Add the desired fex or html to Requests & Data Sources



Connect the new button to the fex or html which was added in the Requests & Data Sources

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Thanks for the input.

Based on what you said I may be out of luck in trying to attach fexs/html pages to buttons in 8.206, but should be a much better experience in 8.207.

For the time being I will keep the buttons on a HTML page, and once we move on to 8.207 I can can take them off the page and keep them as separate elements.

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