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Ive read up in the documentation relative to the navigation...

Julie Anderson

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Ive read up in the documentation relative to the navigation pane that its possible to switch the navigation pane from the top to the left. I love how that looks, but Id like to do two things and Ive not yet found anything in the documentation.



When I switch the navigation pane to the left, the pane is wider than Id like. Is it possible to shrink the width



My navigation pane contains several pages. When you select a page, Id like the navigation pane to disappear temporarily.



Are either of these possible in 8204

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You should be able to with CSS, You will probably have to create a theme and set the width of the side nav and the collapse if its there.

Below are some sample CSS that may work (untested). in my install (8207) the default width is 200px, Ive changed it to 150px.

.pvd-left-main-panel {

width: 150px;

max-width: 155px;



.side-navigation-button-box.open {

left: 150px;


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