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Hi all, we are using 8.2.07 and have a portal with 10 or so ...

Jesse Badgley

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Hi all, we are using 8.2.07 and have a portal with 10 or so tabs across the top for users to navigate through. Is there a way to provide a link that sends users to a specific tab I know that the designer lets you choose to have users end up on the last page they navigated to, or a default page for all users, but I need an actual URL that will send users to a specific tab of the portal. Is this possible, and how can I get the URL
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Hi Jesse,

Not sure how you would achieve this as we also tried to get this working a while back. However we used the below solution on our Home page(first tab in portal) for users to jump to specific tabs within the current portal.

Good luck,



How to dynamically open a Portal page with a link from the banner.

The top Banner has an HTML file with several hyperlinks. One of the hyperlinks is called Home. The user needs a way to open a Portal page when the Home link is clicked by a user.


Navigating to a Portal page from an HTML page is supported in release 8.1.05 and higher.

Assuming there are at least two Portal pages with Page Name as page1 and page2, the HTML page could look like this:

<!DOCTYPE html>

<html lang="en" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">


<meta charset="utf-8" />




<button type="button"



<button type="button"






The first button will navigate to page1 and the second to page2. This HTML page can be inserted into a container located anywhere in the Portal, including in the banner area. This only works if the HTML page comes from the same server as the one the Portal was loaded from, otherwise the browser will not allow cross-domain scripting.

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Based on this information then, I would say it should be possible:


Append the page name to the portal url as the hash (if your url is ibi_apps/portals/portal1 then make it ibi_apps/portals/portal1#pagename)

Add custom javascript to your portal

Use the document.ready callback function to read the hash and call the navigateToPage function, something like:

$(document).ready(function() {

var pageName = window.location.hash;




This is all theoretical and I have not tested this at all, so I dont know if it will work or break your portal.

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