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Hi This new myibi looks great! In one of my task I do a tabl...

Sivakumar Gopi

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This new myibi looks great!

In one of my task I do a table request to get some values, which I then read (READFILE) to save them in variables. I need these variables for other reports.

It works fine in DEV and QA environments but failed when it went to PREPROD. I was able to find out the issue was because of the HOLDLIST setting. In all the environments the variable is set as ALL (checked using SET).

In DEV and QA, immediately after table request it changes to PRINTONLY and so we were getting the right values for the variables. But in PREPROD, it was passing wrong values because as the HOLDIST variable did not change to PRINTONLY from ALL. I verified this by placing SET HOLDLIST at different places of the code.

Has anyone experienced similar issues before For now I have added a ON TABLE SET HOLDLIST PRINTONLY to make it work but I wanted to know what could be the reason.

Update: The issue occurs when procedure is ran through reportCaster in PREPROD.

Thank you,


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