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Hi guys I admit to being little lazy and or under the gun. D...

Toby Mills

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Hi guys

I admit to being little lazy and or under the gun.

Do you know where the foccache ticket is stored for a given user I was thinking somewhere in the repository related to the user ID but right off, Im not finding it.

I want to examine the ticket for a multi tier setup to make sure the reporting server node is correct. I presume the ticket points to a nodename (like EDASERVE) similar to how a DFM ticket does.

Also do you know a function developers could use to retrieve the foccache physical path on the WFRS Something they could use in case they need it to see something like:


The older 8105m installation I"m working with has not configured correctly and doesnt have unique names for each WFRS - so things like the DFM cleanup utility had trouble locating the right place to look for a ticket (all WFRSs keep re-using EDASERVE instead of making a unique name for each machine).



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