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Just trying to have an answer since I cant figure it out ye...

Martin Yergeau

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Just trying to have an answer since I cant figure it out yet.

Maybe not related to WF but I may have miss a setting somewhere

When I generates a PDF format report using WF under Edge the result opens in Adobe Acrobat Reader D since this is the default app for pdf files (This has been changed because leaving to default Edge, the report never opens and just result in a blinking blank page).

But this said, the report does open in Adobe but the save option is not available Why this

Is there something that must be changed in WF, probably not

I have verified the Redirection setting and all seems ok

If the default app for PDF can work if I reset to Edge it may be ok since with Chrome the save option (download) is there and work fine, but having Edge as the default app for pdf files I cannot have the report displayed

Thanks in advance for your suggestions

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I may have miss explained.

Once the report is generated with selection to produce in PDF then Adobe opens with the result but the save option button is grey out (not available) on the ribbon.

Was not the case prior to WF8 using modern browser.

Anyway, I found a workaround that is not really intuitive but seems to be how Adobe is now working

So not related to WF as I suspected

Since there is no changes applied to the PDF report, the save option stays grey out (not available).

At the moment you change something such as highlight text then the button becomes available.

So, the save the PDF without any changes, you need to select File+Save As (Shift+Ctrl+S)

Unfortunately, there is no way to add the Save As option button on Adobe ribbon.

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