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We started seeing this while were moving from 8104 to 8207....

Jess Hines

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We started seeing this while were moving from 8104 to 8207.

I have an HTML page, and have added some procedures, which have some parameters set with the -default command.

However, there are many many more parameters that show up for the report, that arent even in the procedure, and I cant figure out where theyre coming from. I dont want them to show up here (they didnt in 8104). Not sure if this is a configuration issue, or where to look first to solve.


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I found that our procedures on the Reporting Server (that are being -INCLUDE from the MRE fex), are INCLUDE-ing another fex that has all these defaulted parameters Im seeing. However, nothing in that changed as far as the fexes or code from 8104 to 8207 (which were trying to migrate to), and we didnt see all these parameters in the old version.

Is there any some setting to limit how many -INCLUDES deep parameters will be surfaced from, or regarding including parameters from the Reporting server to MRE

For context, the way this works is we have an HTML launch page that runs a stub procedure in MRE, which, depending on the value of a parameter, runs 1 of 2 procedures on the Reporting server (via -MRNOEDIT -INCLUDE), and that procedure on the reporting server does a -INCLUDE of a default params procedure. In 8104, the params from that default params file wasnt showing up in the HTML page, and now in 8207 they are.

I can change the default params file on the Reporting Server to use DEFAULTH but Im more curious to know what changed such that I need to do that now.

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