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If you have the situation that we have, where we need custom...

Warren Hinchliffe

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If you have the situation that we have, where we need custom logos for a common portal based on the user logged in, here is a way to do it.



Create / modify the theme to add the following css

.pvd-banner-logo {

background: url("/ibi_apps/run.bipBIP_REQUEST_TYPE=BIP_RUN&BIP_folder=IBFS%253A%252FWFC%252FRepository.....&BIP_item=get_logo.fex") center center no-repeat rgb(255, 255, 255) !important;

background-color: transparent;

display: block;

border: 0;

cursor: pointer;

background-size: auto 40px;

width: 200px;

height: 60px;

margin-left: 0px !important ;

margin-right: 0px !important ;

margin-top: 0px !important ;





Create a fex that will pull an image back with EDAGET

-SET &LOGO = logos/ | {custom code to get logo name} | .png ;


-SET &LOGO = IF &RETCODE EQ 0 THEN &LOGO ELSE logos/iqvia.jpg ;




Create a directory in APPROOT on the reporting server to store the logos. In my example its logos.

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Hello Waz

Does the Size of the Logo automatically handled I have a logo that is rectangle and I have played with the width and the height , all it does is increase the spaces below and right but logo appear squished Per IBI Support Logo size is automatically handled

I also increased the height of the Banner but logo size does not change it just adds the white space under the logo

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Thanks Waz

I was using code in CSS , all it does is add spaces around the Logo but keeps the logo size the same I used your code also and all it does is position the logo up , but the actual logo is the same

I contacted IBI support and according them Logo is auto sized by default and cannot be changed in that corner i am wondering if someone can post their logos as it appears on the portal , that will help confirm this issue


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