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Hello. In my short time using WebFOCUS, I have created both...

Todd Van Valkenburg

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You can concatenate multiple (identical) FOCUS files with the USE command which allows you to partition your data and only report off of the .foc files you want. We used to use this very effectively in historical reporting where each years data was in a separate .foc file and we archived old ones to keep reports running more efficiently. You can have multi-segment foc files. Not sure if this is a big deal now a days. You already mentioned Indexing which is another advantage.
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NYCBabaks comments are very valid. Most hold files are pretty small in size so you wont find a big performance difference but if you anticipate the file file will be large then using a FOCUS database with indexes will definitely improve the performance of the subsequent reports. When you create large hold files I recommend using Run Deferred or ReportCaster so you dont tie up your browser session waiting for a long time. Also there are field name length restrictions when indexing a FOCUS database. I think the field name cant be longer than 16 so you may have to turn ASNAMES ON and make your field title accordingly.
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Hello. In my short time using WebFOCUS, I have created both FOCUS and BINARY permanent hold files for later use by other reports and html pages. Both formats seemed to work fine and I only saw a difference in the segment name when looking at the mas file and so I just use BINARY. But I was wondering what considerations I should give before using one type versus another and perhaps I am missing something. Any performance benefits Any pro/cons that you have encountered The only thing that I read in an InfoAssist pdf was that FOCUS hold files can have an index which I have not yet explored.

Thank you for your insight.


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