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I recently downloaded App Studio 8207 and have copied over a...

Klaus Opitz 2

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I recently downloaded App Studio 8207 and have copied over a couple of existing reports from App Studio 8202, where they work as expected. I have found a couple of issues with the rendering of these launch pages, specifically dealing with Embedded Javascript, which has been frustrating, but the one issue I havent yet been able to solve is with the chaining of controls. I have a text field that when a value is entered, I expect a drop down to be populated with the values for that customer. I do this with the following javascript function:

function CUST_NO_onfocus(event) {

var select = document.getElementById(CUST_NO);






And then on the Parameters tab, the binding is set between the 2 components. As I mentioned, this works fine in 8202, but doesnt in 8207. The drop down never gets populated. If I break the binding I can get the drop down to populate for all existing customer values, so there is no issue with the drop down control itself. If I put alerts in the javascript function before and after the DoUpdateSelection(select) and DoResetDownChainControls(select) functions, I can see that they are being called.

I have searched through the focal point forum with no success.

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